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Sunday, January 22, 2012

My Saturday of Awesomeness!

Yesterday I went to an all day Crop. Which for those who are not scrapbookers, that is a group of scrapbookers getting together and doing what we love best. Here are the pages I got done. :)

~ Kori

Here is a picture of my dear friends little girl. She is so cute and its hard to believe she was once that little.

And here she is now. This week Hannah was given an award for Most Outstanding Student at her school. This Aunt couldn't be more proud of her!

Krista took this picture of my niece and nephew and this page has quickly become all my all time favorites!! The picture and the paper went together so well I was almost too intimidated to scrap it.
 This picture of my niece is from the same shoot as above. The quote says, "Be not afraid of going slowly but of only standing still."

 Sometimes we all gotta be a little sappy and I chose this page to show a friend how special she is to me.

Ok, so every time I go to this particular Crop, the group has a challenge page that we are to make. This month's challenge was to incorporate Christmas wrapping paper into a layout. I think it turned our really cute!

This is my youngest nephew Garrett. I find that I don't have many pages of him. This must be fixed PRONTO!

 To help keep ourselves moving along while we scrap, Krista and I like to issue each other little challenges. This challenge was to use that paper picked by the other person. I love this paper, but had no idea what to do with it. Thanks to Krista I was forced to figure it out and ended up with a cute little simple page.

This page is simply me from top to bottom. The bright colors that explode out at you and the bling that add some sparkle. My poor husband doesn't know what to think of it, but I <3 it in every way possible. The quote says, "We're all a little strange and life's a little strange. Someday we find someone who's strangeness is compatible with ours and fall in mutual strangeness and call it love." 

*** Sorry for the less than spectacular photos and cropping. My camera has decided to die so all these pics of my pages are being taken with my phone. Yay technology!

*** Some of the pictures featured above contain photography done by our very own Krista. Check our her photography on Facebook!

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