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Welcome to our Blog! This is going to be so much fun! This blog is not limited to just one type of craft. While our favorite is scrapbooking (layouts and cards), we venture into altering items, painting, decopage art, and much much more. We're always up for trying something new and for making our mark on the world. Hope you enjoy our projects and are able to draw lots of inspiration and make your own mark!

Monday, January 9, 2012

Various things I've been working on while away...

Well I have kinda gotten into doing more altered projects in the ...OMG 10 months?!?!?! that I've been away. Here are a few of the big projects I have done. Enjoy :)

~ Kori

Altered Teacher's Desk

I got this desk as a garage sale junker for $5. Some shiny paint, new hardware, and one awesome altered top, and this is a beautiful and unique desk that my hubby treasures. The top is simply scrapbooking paper that I decoupaged ( have I ever mentioned how much I love Modge Podge?) I did a slight inking to the edge of each torn piece. The ink, no matter how long I let it dry, always smudged a bit when I added the wet Modge Podge, but it worked out really well to help give the whole piece a very aged look. The hardest part of this whole project was just the inking of each individual little torn piece of paper. But in the end it was all worth it.

This is another altered desk project for my Mother-In-Law. I went for a more patterned quilted look on this one. Its as beautiful and elegant as she is and fits her perfectly.

**** Edit - If you are looking at making one of these altered desk projects, you WILL need to cover it with a glass top. Just to help even out imperfections and make it a nice smooth writting surface. Also make sure to use very fine grit sandpapering in between each layer of Modge Podge. Good luck!

Painted Changing Table

Sorry for the less than wonderful before pic. I didn't realize that it came out so bad until it was too late. Besides, Krista is the resident photographer around here. I got the changing table for $15. It is one of the older ones that is actually made of real wood. It is heavy and sturdy and wonderful!!! After using this table for a few months I was able to sell it for $60. Not too bad of a flip!

Painted Bunk Beds
Now I wish that I could take credit for these bunk beds, but sadly I did nothing but watch. My amazing artistic niece designed and painted this mural on a set of garage sale beds I purchased. I got these for $75 and when all was said and done, I was able to flip them for over $200.

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