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Welcome to our Blog! This is going to be so much fun! This blog is not limited to just one type of craft. While our favorite is scrapbooking (layouts and cards), we venture into altering items, painting, decopage art, and much much more. We're always up for trying something new and for making our mark on the world. Hope you enjoy our projects and are able to draw lots of inspiration and make your own mark!

Saturday, January 29, 2011

Our new blog award!!!  Thanks Karelj for thinking of us.  It makes me so happy to know that our blog is actually on people's mind :) 

Soooooo, we're supposed to pick 5 other blogs to pass this along to and tell 3 things that make us unique from others.  Here goes...

Krista's Awesomeness
1. I could easily spend a few hours looking up random things on Wikipidea.  I LOVE to find something I didn't know already. Especially history.
2. I'm fascinated by "natural disasters". Morbid I know, but the bigger the death toll the more I've gotta know.
3. I love the color yellow.  But hardly use it.  I have a hard time using it on my projects but find myself wanting to.  Also, can't wear yellow.  It doesn't look good on me.  But I will def add a few yellow accessories every now and then.

Since, I picked the blogs to award last time, I'm going to let Kori pick these 5. 
Again, thanks Karelj.

Kori's Awesomeness
1) I love and adore doing Trash to Treasures! I love to go look around a garage sale or a Thrift store and find things to use in my crafting. Whether it be scrapbooking, painting, or just something for my home decor.
2) Very much to Krista's despair, I always mix my patterned papers. Stripes go with polka-dots and checkered goes with circles. As long as they are in the same color group, they go together! And don't expect me to always have my striped paper going the same directions either.
3) And the thing that I think makes us unique is that we are just two friends doing what we love and bragging about it to the world. You are just along for the crazy, wacky, incredibly immature ride that is US!

and p.s. there are no seat belts ;)

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